NCHRP Project 03-103: Update of the Signal Timing Manual

KAI developed the Signal Timing Manual as part of a national effort to improve the state-of-the-practice regarding traffic signal timing. The manual is intended to consolidate all available information on the subject into a concise form that is readily accessible and user-friendly. To this end, KAI synthesized information related to signal timing and the coordination of timing plans, and developed design and timing principles to address varying practices across the country. The manual is intended to be easily navigable, relate closely to practical applications (including the provision of example problems that cover a range of solutions), and include sound explanations related to areas where there is no consensus among practitioners. The manual also identifies sound timing practices and showcase state of the art equipment in a manner that is both comprehensive and forward- looking. The manual addresses aspects of traffic signals including planning, design, operations, and maintenance with proper consideration for all modes, and discusses operational features of the standard traffic signal controller such as detector layout and timing, coordination parameters, and advanced applications.