NCHRP Project 03-79: Measuring and Predicting the Performance of Automobile Traffic on Urban Streets

KAI, in association with Texas Transportation Institute and Purdue University, developed procedures to measure and predict performance of automobile traffic on urban streets. As part of NCHRP Project 03-79, two objectives were defined: 1) the development of techniques to measure the performance of automobile traffic on urban streets for real-time applications and 2) the development of procedures to predict the performance of automobile traffic on urban streets that will provide a foundation for an update of the Highway Capacity Manual. Each objective shares the common goal of developing research products that will meet the near-term needs of practicing engineers in a cost-effective manner.

The overall goal of the project was to develop an updated version of Chapter 15 of the Highway Capacity Manual that will serve as the gateway chapter for interrupted flow facility analysis. The updated chapter directs users to other HCM chapters for isolated intersection analysis, thus producing a more cohesive set of interrupted flow chapters that parallel the organization and flow of the uninterrupted flow chapters.