New Carrollton Metro Station Pedestrian Safety Study

KAI completed a project, funded through a MWCOG Transportation Land-Use Connections Program grant, to identify near-term pedestrian improvements in the area surrounding the New Carrollton rail station. The project examined the need for improvements to increase both pedestrian safety and comfort, and resulted in a set of low-cost improvements for immediate implementation. The project focuses on improvements possible within the existing right-of-way. In addition, the set of strategies developed through this study will be available for future planning projects around the region.

To ensure that the community was fully engaged in the planning process, KAI used a multi-pronged approach to public participation. This approach included a project website with a map-based public comment feature allowing residents to specify locations lacking adequate pedestrian accommodations, and facilitation of a public open house to directly gather information from the public on key community concerns. The information gained through this process was combined with a comprehensive review of pedestrian and bicycle crashes in the area to develop the project’s ultimate recommendations. Recommendations also included identification of potential funding sources (e.g., federal grant programs) to increase the likelihood of implementation.