New Orleans Master Plan

KAI prepared a multimodal transportation framework for the post-Katrina Master Plan of New Orleans. A major aspect of public involvement, involving hundreds of residents and multiple agencies, was to introduce transit as a priority mode of transportation in the City. The plan advanced a broad range of transit technology enhancements including BRT and enhanced bus; regional priority transit routing for commuting, visitor, and business access to the airport and emergency evacuation; deviated fixed-route service for low density transit-reliant neighborhoods; and customer communications and stop/station amenities. Complete streets, supporting walking and bicycling access, and appropriate mixed use density concepts were introduced at major street crossroads and transit nodes. The plan recommended preservation of truck access corridors and refocusing the Claiborne Avenue Corridor as a key commercial and priority transit corridor. It recognized the potential for bicycle routing strategies incorporating park and greenway connections to improve safety for a sustainable and economical transportation option. As part of early plan implementation, the Master Plan effort involved work with agencies to prepare a federal Stimulus Package application.