Oakland’s Bikeway Network 2.0

The passage of key state legislation, including Assembly Bill (AB) 1358 (2008), AB 2245 (2012), and Senate Bill (SB) 743 (2013) provides the opportunity to complete Oakland’s bikeway network with high quality facilities in a more timely manner. KAI is currently working with the Alameda County Transportation Commission and City of Oakland to develop a robust methodology to streamline evaluation, documentation, and ultimately implementation of bicycle improvements in Oakland. KAI conducted stakeholder outreach, engaging AC Transit and peer cities (e.g., Portland and Austin), to help identify performance measures (e.g., transit travel time) that will inform the content of the Bicycle Evaluation Tool and Template (BETT). The BETT is intended to create consistency in how bicycle improvement "road diet" projects are evaluated and documented, while also structuring the findings so reviewing agencies, city staff, and the public, can more readily access relevant information within the reports. KAI will apply the BETT to evaluate and produce reports for several bikeway projects identified by the City. For this task, KAI will obtain required data, conduct analyses, recommend geometric or other changes, assess crash data, and prepare reports on the findings.

“KAI has provided responsive service and great ideas in developing a cutting-edge methodology for evaluating the performance of complete streets projects." - Matthew Bomberg, Associate Transportation Planner, Alameda CTC