OR 213/I-205 to Redland Road Crossing

KAI led the conceptual phase for off-site improvements associated with a large commercial development to establish a preferred jughandle configuration. More than 10 interchange concepts were developed and multiple parties were guided through the process to establish the preferred alternative. KAI prepared all the traffic operations analyses for future developments, as well as a year 2030 future conditions. In addition, KAI was instrumental in assisting the City to secure construction funding for this $22 million project through the Jobs and Transportation Act (JTA).

KAI also served on the multidisciplinary engineering consultant team that completed final design and construction of the project. Our responsibilities on this team included designing four new signals, one loop modification, a fiber optic interconnect system, the signing that introduce a new travel pattern based on the jughandle configuration, striping for the road network, and construction-related traffic control that included a 4-day closure of OR213 (expressway) associated with the rapid bridge construction. KAI also led the development of the Transportation Management Plan. KAI played a major role in coordinating with stakeholders, participating in Public Open Houses, and presenting at the Planning Commission and/or City Council hearings.