OR 66 Green Springs Highway Interchange Area Management Plan

Near-term and long-term property access for undeveloped and underdeveloped property was a driver for this IAMP, as was sub-standard interchange geometry. This interchange has a significant amount of undeveloped commercially zoned property and a PUD surrounding it. The current interchange capacity is sufficient in near-term and can accommodate some growth, but in the long-term the interchange is anticipated to need updates to the form to operate safely. A plan was necessary to provide a framework for development to occur in the near- to mid-term that would be compatible with the long-term interchange footprint. As a result, the IAMP identifies near-term, mid-term, and long-term transportation improvements that build on one another in a phased approach that addresses existing safety deficiencies and future operational demands.

Working collaboratively with the property owners and/or their representatives to incorporate their needs was key to this project’s success, as was explaining the trade-offs among options. The “Bottom Up” approach was used to enable the community to help develop concepts. The end result was a phased implementation plan of seven projects ranging from $1.0–$7.2 million with interim improvements that will address existing operational and safety deficiencies identified.