Oregon 43 Bike Lane Alternatives Analysis

KAI performed alternatives analysis for a section of Highway 43, between Lake Oswego and the Sellwood Bridge, analyzing potential safety and multimodal operational impacts of modifying the existing roadway cross-section to create space for bicycle lanes. This section of Highway 43 is topographically constrained and has steep grades. The current roadway cross-section is two lanes with a passing lane provided in the direction of uphill travel. KAI evaluated the effects of removing the passing lane to create a bicycle lane in each direction. Using the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM 2010) Multimodal Level of Service (MMLOS) methodology, KAI analyzed the existing and alternative MMLOS along Highway 43, and used Highway Safety Manual (HSM) methodologies to determine the potential change in crashes that would result from making fundamental changes to the roadway cross-section and modifying intersection control to be compatible with the alternative roadway cross-section. The MMLOS and HSM analysis results provided additional performance measures for decision-makers to consider alongside traditional traffic operations analysis.