OSU Core Campus & Northeast Quadrant Master Plan

This project provided a visioning master plan for the core campus of the Oregon State University (OSU) campus that reviews building size, location, orientation, greenspace, multimodal transportation connections, and parking and provides a vision to help the campus grow efficiently into the future. KAI led the transportation planning and conceptual analysis portion of the project, which included two alignment options between Benton Place and Washington Avenue near 9th Street, with very different connections at 15th Avenue and Washington Avenue. KAI worked with the OSU travel demand model (VISUM) to generate traffic analysis under potential growth scenarios. KAI led the transportation assessment of parking, on-campus shuttle service, crash history, and pedestrian/bike/freight/auto connectivity within the core campus study area, which included Sectors C and D. This project will support future long-range campus planning and design efforts surrounding Washington Way improvements to address congestion and enhance multimodal friendliness/connectivity.