Palm Tran Transit Development Plan 2011 Major Update

KAI, with assistance from Tindale-Oliver & Associates, completed a major update of the 2006-2016 Palm Tran Transit Development Plan (TDP), and produced the 2011-2021 Palm Tran TDP. Palm Tran operates the fixed-route transit and ADA paratransit system in Palm Beach County, Florida, and is required by the State of Florida to maintain an updated TDP to receive approximately $4 million in annual funding.

The TDP includes a description of the transit agency's vision for public transportation (which is a clearly defined set of goals, objectives, strategies, and measures of effectiveness), a detailed assessment of transit needs, and a staged implementation plan that prioritizes improvements. The TDP also includes a review of existing operations and organizational structure, as well as the development of a 10-year funding plan. The TDP is a policy document that integrates transit agency goals with those of adopted plans, including the Palm Beach MPO's Long-Range Transportation Plan and the Palm Beach County Comprehensive Plan.

The TDP update was completed with extensive involvement from the public (including on-board and mail-back surveys), Palm Tran staff, decision-makers, and other stakeholders.