Parham Road/Patterson Avenue Alternatives Analysis

KAI evaluated a range of potential improvements to the SR 6 (Patterson Avenue)/Parham Road intersection and immediately adjacent intersections in Henrico County, Virginia. KAI developed three conceptual at-grade design alternatives that encompass a spectrum of outcomes/impacts that explore the often competing objectives of operational efficiency, safety, access management, and impacts to right-of-way and the physical/built environment.

Four key objectives were identified to guide the selection of potential intersection improvements/ modifications and develop three conceptual at-grade design alternatives for the SR 6/Parham Road intersection:

  • Achieve vehicular intersection operations within typical VDOT requirements in the design year.

  • Improve safety/reduce crashes.

  • Apply principled access management techniques where operational and/or safety issues are identified.

  • Minimize right-of-way impacts and impacts to the physical/built environment.

Innovative KAI-led research from National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 707 (Guidelines on the Use of Auxiliary through Lanes at Signalized Intersections) was incorporated into the alternatives.