PGE Park Transportation Management Plan

In 2011, PGE Park (now called Providence Park) in downtown Portland, Oregon transitioned from hosting AAA baseball and minor league soccer to being the official home of Timbers Major League Soccer and the Portland State Universty football team. With the change, average attendance increased significantly. Soccer match attendance increased from approximately 12,000 fans to over 18,000. Baseball games used to only draw approximately 5,000 fans. KAI used a two-phase process to prepare a new transportation management plan that addresses the increased attendance. The first part consisted of observing and analyzing the transportation characteristics of two PGE Park minor league soccer events. Observing these events supplied important information about the current plan’s performance and provided clues to improving it for future events. Patron surveys, parking data (including demand, duration, and utilization), and other key data such as bicycle and transit ridership were collected and analyzed. The second part of the process culminated in recommending 12 specific traffic management mitigation measures to be included in the new transportation management plan.

The recommended Transportation Management Plan acknowledges and capitalizes on available public infrastructure and services, up-to-date communications technologies, established working relationships, and community values regarding multimodal transportation (particularly the growing popularity of cycling) to mitigate transportation impacts and enhance the experience of attending an event at PGE Park. Specific strategies included arranging for additional gameday light rail service, combining parking or light rail coupons with admission tickets, arranging temporary gameday bike parking, updating website and gameday communications to current technologies, and designing street closures traffic circulation in the vicinity of the stadium. The Plan also included a critical Good Neighbor Agreement and strategies intended to, among other things, preserve onstreet parking for local residents and businesses.