Portland Bikeway Project Development

KAI partnered with Alta Planning + Design to further enhance six bicycle corridors in Portland, Oregon. Each corridor has unique conditions and needs, but shares the common and enviable challenge of having more cyclists than current cycling amenities can properly serve. The project vision was to identify and apply a new generation of bikeway designs, customized to each corridor’s conditions, in order to accommodate further growth and to help riders feel safer and more comfortable than they would feel in standard bike lanes.

Among the bikeway types, the City aims to pilot and implement are a variety of separated in-roadway designs, including cycle tracks, buffered bike lanes, contra-flow bike lanes and wide bike lanes. Several corridors designs also strive to incorporate green streets/stormwater facilities. KAI is contributing its breadth of bicycle facility design experience, its ground breaking development of multimodal level-of-service analysis, and its traffic signal and bikeway design expertise to this cutting-edge project.