Portland Community College Transportation Demand Management Plan

KAI led a team that included Rick Williams Consulting and Michael Kodama Planning to provide a complete evaluation and update of the Portland Community College Districtwide TDM Plan. With more than 40,000 students and 8,000 staff at four main campuses and five satellite sites, PCC places significant demands on the Portland region’s transportation system. This TDM plan update involved a steering committee of more than 25 representatives from the college, the neighborhoods of each campus, the City of Portland, TriMet, and Metro. Over the course of 15 months, the KAI team facilitated 10 steering committee meetings, completed a 4,800+ response survey of students and staff, held 8 open houses, and presented at numerous neighborhood and PCC Cabinet meetings. The KAI team completed a thorough review of the existing TDM program, developed and evaluated more than 125 TDM strategies identified through the survey and stakeholder meetings, and then drafted and supported the evaluation of three alternative programs from which the preferred program was chosen by consensus of the steering committee. The new TDM plan leverages the transit services provided by TriMet and supplements it with PCC shuttle services. Extensive efforts are devoted to supporting and promoting walking, biking, on-line courses, and shuttle/transit use. Close coordination with neighborhood associations and the City of Portland’s Travel Options Office has resulted in approval of the plan by the City of Portland as mitigation for future growth.