Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail Preliminary Design

KAI, as part of a multidisciplinary consultant team, provided multimodal transportation problem-solving, alternatives analysis, and preliminary traffic signal design services for TriMet. The Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail project will construct light rail transit from its current westerly terminus in downtown Portland to its new terminus in downtown Milwaukie. KAI provided recommendations to reroute and optimize existing bus operations that would best compliment the introduction of light rail service. This was based on KAI’s expertise in VISSIM and Synchro modeling and analysis, and transit operations reliability strategies. KAI also guided the redesign of existing roadways and intersections to optimize safety, convenience, and efficiency for the various transportation modes that will share the right-of-way. Additionally, KAI prepared preliminary engineering signal plans for eight intersections along the western segment of the alignment. The plans required accommodating multiple modes and coordinating non-stop light rail service between platforms. For example, SW Moody Avenue has a very complex intersection with SW Porter Street. This intersection and its signalization will serve vehicular traffic, streetcars, light rail vehicles, buses, pedestrians and cyclists. This work included extensive coordination with other public agencies, including the Metropolitan Service District, the Oregon Department of Transportation and the City of Portland.