SACOG Area Truck Traffic Growth Forecasting

This project for Caltrans District 3 and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) involved:

• The assessment of the quality of existing data, data collection, methodologies, tools, techniques, and models available to forecast heavy vehicle (truck) traffic.

• The identification of gaps in data, data collection techniques, and forecasting methods for truck and heavy vehicle traffic.

• The collection of 24-hour vehicle classification traffic counts at strategic locations in the region.

• The investigation of new and innovative techniques and methodologies to determine: 1) how truck percentages change as traffic congestion and overall traffic volumes increase; 2) how to effectively determine truck volume growth; 3) how does vehicle mix change based on location, and; 4) what growth factors should be used when estimating.

• Development of recommendations for advancing vehicle classification data collection through automated on-system detection, establishment of a baseline for future efforts, and justification for future data collection projects.