Sacramento Railyards Redevelopment

KAI prepared traffic studies assessing the Railyards Redevelopment project in downtown Sacramento. The study included phased development on 244 acres of 10,000 dwelling units, 1,200 hotel rooms, 3.9 million square feet of office space, and 400,000 square feet of historic/cultural use, a potential 20,000 seat sports arena, light rail stations, and the new Sacramento Intermodal Transportation Facility (SITF).

KAI’s work included adjusting trip generation and parking estimates to account for the project’s proximity to transit and its transit oriented design features, as well as a review of the project transit impacts. Detailed traffic simulation accounting for the light rail "soft preempt" at downtown and River District area intersections was performed along the light rail lines. KAI modified the SACMET travel model to include a detailed local transportation network with split transportation analysis zones to allocate parking to specified areas.