Sausalito Gate 6 Road Intersection Study

KAI was part of a multidisciplinary team to identify and evaluate improvements for the N Bridge Boulevard–Gate 6 Road/Bridgeway Blvd–US 101 Northbound, On/Off Ramps intersection. The primary focus of the project was to develop a solution that would better accommodate bicycle and pedestrian movements through the intersection. The Sausalito-Mill Valley multiuse path runs parallel to Bridgeway Blvd and crosses the Gate 6 Road approach. It is a heavily used multiuse path, and recognizing this, the City of Sausalito and Marin County were motivated to make improvements that would safely facilitate bicycle and pedestrian movements. KAI's project work included:

  • Valuating and analyzing existing traffic operations at the intersection
  • Observing current travel movements at the intersection
  • Helping to identify potential solutions
  • Evaluating the alternative solutions from a traffic operations perspective as well as circulation for all modes
  • Reviewing the preliminary design plans developed for the preferred solution
  • Providing support at meetings with agency stakeholders
  • Documenting analysis methods and findings