SEFTC Regional Performance Measurement of Southeast Florida

KAI, acting as the regional consultant for this project, is responsible for developing a regional performance measurement system. As identified in the Miami Urbanized Area 2007 Certification Report, prepared by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), KAI supports the performance measurement activities required by the region. One set of performance measures has been developed in the form of measures of effectiveness for regional objectives in the initial Regional Long-Range Transportation Plan (RLRTP) (e.g., total vehicle-miles traveled and number of new transit-oriented developments in the region). Threshold values that are needed to allow these measures to be used have not yet been set. Another set of performance measures is envisioned to capture whether the enhanced regional planning and coordination efforts, being undertaken by the MPOs in the region, are resulting in systematic improvements to the regional transportation system tied to supportive land uses. The MPOs are monitoring, and may become involved in, efforts of the Florida Indicators Network, to develop common indicators to assess progress in meeting regional goals and objectives. KAI will conduct enhanced regional planning coordination efforts on the topic of regional performance measurement to meet the objective if the FHWA/FTA Certification Report.

Activities that KAI is conducting include the following:

  • Research up to five State-of-the-Art Performance Measurement systems
  • Develop Southeast Florida Regional Performance Measurements with the RTTAC and SEFTC
  • Perform data collection relevant to the selected performance measures
  • Apply the data to the performances measures and perform analysis
  • Prepare results and recommendations
  • Create a handbook that outlines the process and creates a database system for annual maintenance and upkeep