SHRP 2 L02: Establishing Monitoring Programs for Travel Time Reliability

This project developed system designs for programs in order to monitor travel time reliability, and to prepare a guidebook that practitioners and others can use to design, build, operate, and maintain such systems. The data from the monitoring system(s) developed in this project (from both public and private sources) will address, wherever cost-effective, information on the seven sources of non-recurring congestion (traffic incidents, work zones, weather, special events, traffic control devices, fluctuations in demand, and inadequate base capacity).

The project has three phases: 1) defining use and functional requirements for travel time reliability monitoring systems, 2) system design completion and guidebook preparation, and 3) validating monitoring programs.

KAI is leading the user needs tasks, which includes interviews with over 30 stakeholders across the United States and abroad. KAI also led the development of the Guidebook for the project.