SHRP 2 Project C05: Understanding the Contributions of Operations, Design, and Technology to Meeting Highway Capacity Needs

KAI was the prime contractor for this project which focused on identifying strategies and decision making tools for increasing the productivity of transportation networks without widening for additional lanes. The operational effects of over 20 strategies were tested using the DynaSmart-P network simulation model. The KAI team produced a guidebook that provides compendium of capacity enhancement strategies and emerging technologies which improve sustainable flow rates and reduce the probability of breakdown during periods of recurring congestion. Decision support tools were developed to allow highway agencies and decision makers to evaluate the effectiveness of capacity-enhancing strategies at the network level.

While the project was originally intended to address recurring congestion, its methods and analysis tools enable reliability analysis by looking at how travel time varies over multiple days due to, among other things, stochastic (or variable) capacity on the network.