SHRP 2: Travel Time Reliability Analytical Product Implementation Evaluation

KAI is working with Cambridge Systematics to test five SHRP2 reliability products in real world situations and provide an assessment to FDOT on the applicability and usefulness (benefits and value) of the products tested, suggest potential refinements, and assist public agencies in moving reliability into their business practices. The SHRP 2 products being evaluated include:

  • L02: Establishing Monitoring Programs for Travel Time Reliability

  • L05: Incorporating Reliability Performance Measures into the Transportation Planning and Programming Process

  • L07: Evaluation of Costs and Effectiveness of Highway Design Features to Improve Travel Time Reliability

  • L08: Incorporation of Non-recurrent Congestion Factors into Highway Capacity Manual Methods

  • C11: Development of Improved Economic Analysis Tools

This project will improve FDOT’s tools and methods for planning for operations by making available from the SHRP2 library several new tools and methods for reliability analysis and by providing a framework for testing on a national level as well as within the state of Florida. This project will also take advantage of on-going national tests of the SHRP2 tools (plus SHRP2 funded technical support for those tools as part of L38 project) to further improve the robustness of its conclusions.