Silverbell Road Design Concept Report

KAI is the prime consultant for the preparation of a design concept report to address the widening of an 8-mile section of Silverbell Road. The report will provide recommendations to address roadway and intersection capacity, improve safety, and provide pedestrian and bicycle facilities. The project development process included traffic studies, drainage studies, and environmental and wildlife analysis. The concept study also includes the preparation of 30 percent plans. Design elements provided in the 30 percent plans include alignment, profile and cross section for a 4 lane divided arterial, multi-use path alignment, 71 cross drainage structures, pavement drainage concept, and pavement marking designs. The report process included monthly community task force meetings, 3 public open houses and coordination with 3 local agency stakeholders and 1 federal agency stakeholder. Right-of-way, 404 impacts and significant archeological impacts were also identified during the process.