Smart Mitigation & Monitoring

KAI led the research and development of a “model” program that integrates transportation demand management (TDM) with statewide sustainability and other smart transportation initiatives for the 19 state DOTs that are members of the SSTI Institute housed at the University of Wisconsin. The project effort included development of an updated Traffic Impact Study Guidelines document for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). As a result of the work effort, MassDOT now has a TIA Guidelines document that is fully integrated with Massachusetts’ Environmental Protection Program and the GreenDOT Initiative. The “model” program for MassDOT includes new policies and strategies that give preferential status to multimodal and TDM solutions as mitigations for proposed projects and/or developments that require permitting. This comprehensive approach to TDM integration leverages Commonwealth investments in the MassRIDES program (TDM support services) and existing permit review processes to provide strategic advice and incentives for public and private investments in TDM and active transportation solutions to meet existing and future transportation demands. KAI facilitated an extensive stakeholder involvement process to ensure close collaboration and strong coordination throughout the process. The project culminated with the April 2014 joint publication of the revised TIA Guidelines by MassDOT and the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Moving forward, the updated guidelines will used for the preparation of transportation analysis components of environmental filings under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA), specifically Environmental Notification Forms (ENFs) and Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs).