Southwest Boise Transportation Study

The Southwest Boise Transportation Study was an effort undertaken by Ada County Highway District (ACHD) to refine recommendations from the regional long-range transportation plan Communities in Motion (CIM) and the ACHD Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) for the southwest Boise sub-area. This study evaluated the transportation network planned by 2030, identified deficiencies, and recommended improvements to meet the future transportation needs in the study area. The plan evaluated the near-term and long-term land uses in a 50+ square-mile area and identified a future transportation network, street typologies, and specific roadway and intersection improvements. In addition, the plan identified access management standards and a transition plan for various types of roadways. The transition plans identified how existing access configurations can morph over time to match the future street typology. The recommendations developed by this study were directly influenced by the Boise, Ada County, and Meridian land use designations, as well as the public and stakeholder involvement efforts. In addition, the study recommendations and were arrived at in coordination with other planning efforts, such as ACHD’s Transportation Land Use Integration Plan (TLIP), Roadways to Bikeways Plan, and the South Meridian Transportation Study.