Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization State of the System Report

KAI provided continuing general transportation planning services to the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization (TPO). One of the tasks undertaken by KAI over the course of this contract was the State of the System (SOS) Report. The TPO congestion management system (CMS) provides a systematic framework for decision-making on mobility issues in Brevard County. The CMS is designed to provide updated information annually to the TPO as it prioritizes project and strategy needs for the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). This information is compiled in the annual SOS Report. Although one of the primary functions of the SOS Report is to support the TIP project prioritization process, it also provides insight into system-wide trends and conditions.

This edition of the SOS report, while being consistent with previous SOS reports, introduced new measures for consideration in future SOS reports, while providing a stronger link between the goals and objectives of the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and the TIP. Additionally this report, which monitored conditions for the 2011 calendar year, was the fifteenth report since the TPO began monitoring its CMS annually, in 1998.