SR 288/Chester Road Interchange Alternatives Analysis (IMR) and Final Design

KAI led a study to evaluate improvements to the ramp terminal intersections at the World War II Veterans Memorial Highway (SR 288) and Chester Road (SR 145) interchange in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

The study followed VDOT’s Interchange Modification Report (IMR) format, though the interchange is wholly state-owned and did not fall under the jurisdiction of FHWA. Following an initial screening of five design configurations, three alternatives were carried forward and evaluated using Corridor Simulation (CORSIM) software, and refined to further assess the viability and benefit of each alternative across a broad range of performance measures including intersection and link operations, levels of service, safety, environmental impact, right-of-way, cost, life cycle costs, and design feasibility. Once a preferred alternative was identified in early 2013, KAI prepared final traffic signal and pavement marking/design bid documents for VDOT in record time.