SR 50 Corridor Study – Lake County

KAI performed a study along SR 50, which is a key east-west regional arterial, linking communities in Lake County and Orange County, and serving a high level of commuter traffic. SR 50 was planned for widening to include six travel lanes from western Orange County into Lake County to US 27.

Despite this widening, traffic projections indicated that the roadway would be over capacity well before the 20-year design life of the corridor. Limitations on providing viable parallel travel corridors had the potential to constrain future development within both east Lake County and west Orange County once capacity is reached on the corridor. The intent of the project was to work collaboritvely with state and local agencies to develop a corridor plan and coresponding policy and legislative actions needed to achieve the long-term vision for the area.

This project involved multiple phases to collect data, evaluate land use and redevelopment potential, evaluate strategies to address travel demand and land use needs in the corridor, and develope an implementation plan. Phase 1 included data collection, evaluation of trip making characteristics, and evaluation of existing land uses within the corridor. Innovative data collection techniques, including the use of MAC address readers, were used in collecting trip origin and destination data which was used to validate a sub-area model to be used in future phases of the analysis.