Stafford Borland Roundabout Design

For many years, the all-way stop-controlled intersection of SW Stafford Road and SW Borland Road had been a point of congestion during morning and evening peak traffic periods. Clackamas County staff elected to construct the first multilane roundabout in the Tri-County Metro Area at the intersection.

KAI led a multi-disciplinary team that worked collaboratively with County staff to determine the long-term capacity needs and to develop the optimal design for the roundabout. The resulting plan included realigning approximately 1000 feet of Borland Road and widening several approaches to provide dual-lane entries and exits at the roundabout. Located just outside the urban growth boundary, the plan included features to address both the existing rural characteristics as well as future urban conditions.

Along the way, the KAI team resolved a variety of construction challenges including access issues, right-of-way impacts, grading changes, construction staging challenges, utility relocations, and public involvement coordination. The construction was completed in November 2008, nearly a full year ahead of schedule.

In an effort to educate the public on how best to navigate the new roundabout, KAI assisted in developing this brochure which was distributed by Clackamas County.