State Street & Veterans Memorial Parkway & 36th Street Intersection Concept Design

The State Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway and 36th Street intersection is a critical intersection within the Treasure Valley that provides one of a few river crossings and regional connections between the City of Boise, Garden City, and other key areas of Ada County. Upon adoption of the State Street Transit and Traffic Operational Plan (TTOP) in 2011, for which KAI was the prime consultant, improving the intersection was recognized as a critical component of the State Street Corridor.

In May 2012, Ada County Highway District (ACHD) initiated the State Street and Veterans Memorial Parkway and 36th Street intersection concept design study. The goal of this study was to produce an urban intersection design that supports existing and future adjacent land uses and future vehicle, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian travel. The project team developed an extensive list of potential and refined alternatives (stage 1 = 22 alternatives, stage 2 = 10 alternatives, and stage 3 = 5 alternatives) that included conventional, quadrant, continuous-flow, median u-turn, roundabout, and grade-separated intersections. The project team evaluated the alternatives based on pedestrian, bicyclist, transit, vehicles, land use, project cost, benefit-cost, and stakeholder/public input and recommended the Partial Median U-Turn alternative.

As a subconsultant on the project team, KAI led the development of the interactive public involvement tool (over 100 comments received) and evaluation of the land use and transit elements of the intersection alternatives. Additionally, KAI supported the project team in the alternatives development and evaluation stages of the project and participating in the project management team, stakeholder, and public informational meetings. The ACHD Commission adopted the Partial Median U-turn alternative in March 2013.