Tucson Modern Streetcar Design

KAI provided traffic engineering services for the streetcar segment that will be constructed along two major thoroughfares, Broadway Boulevard and Congress Street, through downtown Tucson. KAI was responsible for the evaluation of the streetcar operation as well as the preparation of signing, striping, and traffic control plans. KAI developed a VISSIM model to evaluate the streetcar operations and various strategies. This model used in-field signal timing assumptions to determine the optimal configuration for a transit-only lane through downtown. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) strategies implemented along the corridor included transit preemptions, transit signal priority, queue jumps, and lane jumps. VISSIM modeling was required along this corridor due to the urban core's short block spacing, which creates significant queue storage deficiencies during peak periods. Travel times were collected using Bluetooth technology for calibration, and the model was used to estimate streetcar performance associated with different operations improvement strategies.