UDOT Highway Safety Manual Tool Development

KAI expanded HiSafe Software (originally developed by Digiwest, a subsidiary of KAI, to implement Part C Predictive Method of the HSM) to include a new computation module that integrates crash modification factors (CMFs) from Part D of the HSM. The purpose of the expansion is to continue to support UDOT in their efforts to integrate the HSM into established processes. In this instance, the additional Part D module was developed to coincide with the most common geometric features that arise in UDOT's design exception process. The module enables UDOT designers and design exception reviewers to efficiently assess the potential change in crash frequency and/or severity for a given design exception. Since KAI completed the Part D module addition, UDOT has initiated another expansion of HiSafe software to further facilitate the use of the HSM methodologies within their design exception process and broader project development activities. KAI is now in the process of adding a benefit/cost analysis module to HiSafe that will enable users to import results from the Part C and Part D modules into a economic analysis module that will assess the relative cost effectiveness and benefit/cost ratios for the alternative project configurations and/or alternative design decisions.