Under Armour Master Plan

As part of their 5-year plan, Under Armour intended to more than double their number of employees to approximately 2,500 at its world headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Plans also included significant modifications to land uses surrounding the campus, extending the value UA brought to the area and to the Baltimore region.

KAI was retained by UA to provide strategic advice on a number of transportation and land use issues. As a corporate leader of the community, UA has always placed great importance on sustainable practices. In the area of transportation, this comitment is expressed through a considerable number of efforts to manage travel demand to the campus and substantially expand travel options for employees and adjacent neighbors. KAI developed an expanded Transportation Demand Management program that built on current and anticipated investments by UA in such amenities as water taxi service and the Baltimore “Charm City Circulator” bus service. Multiple objectives will be met through this enhanced program including reduced emissions, improved air quality, better employee health through active transportation choices, reduced circulation and congestion impacts on surrounding neighbors, and continued leadership as a responsible corporate citizen.

KAI also provided transportation planning and engineering services to secure City approval of planned expansions to the campus, as well as engineering design services of physical improvements to the surrounding transportation system.