US 101/SR 92 Interchange Study

This study grew out of the ongoing study efforts of the US 101 Corridor System Management Plan technical studies, when it was observed that conditions within and near this interchange were affecting traffic on US 101. However, these effects were not being captured by the US 101 modeling efforts.

The purpose of the study was to identify deficiencies related to the interchange, as well as adjacent interchanges, so that short- and long-term solutions could be pursued. An innovative, state of the art application of sequential aerial photography was used to develop an OD table and OD travel times for the freeway ramps within one mile each direction of the interchange. SR 92, US 101, and their interchange were coded in VISSIM and the model calibrated. KAI worked with C/CAG, MTC, City of San Mateo, and Caltrans to identify solutions for the interchange.