US 26 at Dover Lane Road Safety Audit

KAI conducted a road safety audit (RSA) for the rural US 26/Dover Lane intersection. The RSA included the following activities:

  • Reviewing available daily and peak hour traffic volumes, crash data, and previously implemented improvements
  • Providing training to the RSA team explaining the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) RSA process and outline the activities associated with a RSA
  • Visiting the study area during daytime peak periods, as well as during nighttime conditions, to observe roadway user characterisitics
  • Facilitating RSA analysis that identified, prioritized and mitigated safety issues
  • Preparing a preliminary findings presentation that was presented to key stateholders immediately following the RSA
  • Summarizing all activities within a RSA report for the agency to prepare a formal response

Although this is a very low-volume intersection, angle crashes represent approximately 90% of all crashes in this location. The limited sight distance appeared to be the result of the angle of the approaches intersecting with US 26. Sight distance is further limited by the driver’s right side “A-pillar,” obstructing the view of approaching vehicles to the driver’s right. Numerous options were suggested to address this specific safety issue, as well as other observed concerns.

As an outcome of the RSA, KAI prepared a preliminary functional layout of the proposed intersection improvement and associated cost estimate for the improvement project. In addtion, KAI prepared a benefit/cost ratio for the proposed improvements using ODOT’s Benefit/Cost Analysis worksheets applying crash modifications factors (CRFs) developed by national and state evaluation. These added tasks established the scoping for the future phase of this project.