Vacaville General Plan and Environmental Impact Report

KAI provided the transportation expertise in support of the circulation element and the transportation analysis for the environmental documentation. The study included providing enhancements to the citywide Travel Demand Model, and then using the enhanced model to develop future traffic forecasts for the different alternatives. KAI identified transportation issues affecting the City and developing information for existing conditions. The study includes analysis of up to 75 intersections using the Highway Capacity Manual 2000 operations analysis as implemented in the SYNCHRO software for the existing conditions and for various project alternatives. KAI prepared preliminary cost estimates for the transportation infrastructure improvements, needed in the different Growth Areas in the City, to support General Plan buildout and Year 2035 horizon-year levels of developments. With the concurrent work on the policy document and EIR, KAI helped develop policies and to address impacts identified during the EIR analysis. This study also involved working closely with City staff, participating in public workshops, and responding to questions at the public hearings during the EIR approval process.