Washington County Bicycle Design Toolkit

KAI led an effort to develop a Pedestrian and Bicycle Design Toolkit that will serve Washington County as a resource for selecting and designing appropriate non-motorized facilities along roads throughout the County.

Because the best practices for pedestrian and bicycle facilities have emerged rapidly during the last five years, many jurisdictions find themselves unprepared to include innovative treatments in the right-of-way, due to the fact that their road standards do not accommodate it. The purpose of the current work was to provide a Toolkit that describes an agreed upon set of roadway conditions, supporting new pedestrian and bicycle treatments for a variety of users.

The technical aspect of the work includes the development of a decision matrix for choosing when to consider a variety of new treatments, such as sidepaths or cycletracks. Another product is the development of typical cross sections that incorporate off street paths or tracks in the right-of-way. The effort also includes extensive stakeholder engagement and staff training on use of the Toolkit.