Washington Park Alliance and Oregon Zoo Master Plan

KAI has been providing transportation planning and engineering services to Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) and Portland Metro for more than 14 years. These services have included the planning, design, and construction of major community centers and complementary guest service facilities in five PP&R parks. During this period, KAI also has assisted with the preparation of two Master Plans for the Oregon Zoo, which is located in Washington Park (the “crown jewel” of the PP&R system).

The Oregon Zoo serves 1.6 million visitors annually, and is one of three major venues and eight established attractions within Washington Park. The park and combined set of venues and attractions (referred to as the Washington Park Alliance) generate an estimated 3.2 million visits annually.

KAI has assisted the Washington Park Alliance in preparing and implementing a transportation demand management (TDM) program that enables this tremendous number of visitors to be accommodated with a park-wide parking system of less than 1,500 spaces. Over 17 percent of visitors arrive by light rail transit (~275,000). A shuttle system is in place to move visitors between venues, and connect them with off-site parking areas. Access roads and parking facilities are designed for the safe movement of families, especially those with small children. Trails and bikeways are provided for safe access, and to enjoy the natural features of this 400+ acre park.

The Oregon Zoo Master Plan anticipates attendance growth will rise to 2.1 million annual visits by 2022, and the ability to serve these visitors without increasing the parking system, through enhanced TDM efforts.