Waterhouse Trail - Walker Road Mid-Block Crossing

KAI completed the master plan, design, construction plans/specifications, and cost estimates; obtained all relevant jurisdictional permits; prepared a construction bid package; and provided construction observation oversight for the Waterhouse Trail – Walker Road Mid-Block Crossing for Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD). The Waterhouse Trail is a 5-mile long, off-street community trail that provides recreational and alternative transportation opportunities for bicyclists and pedestrians between SW Merlo Road/Westside Regional Trail and NW Springville Road/Rock Creek Regional Trail. The Waterhouse Trail exists on both sides of SW Walker Road, a 5-lane arterial under Washington County jurisdiction.

A mid-block crossing study was prepared that followed Washington County's Mid-Block Crossing Policy; a systematic approach that explores numerous options to determine a preferred solution for the given conditions. KAI has prepared the construction plans for the proposed improvements in accordance with Washington County's latest standards and specifications. Proposed improvements include:

  • Rebuilding the multi-path approaches to meet American with Disability Act (ADA) guidelines
  • Sidewalks with ADA compliant pedestrian ramps
  • Raised median island
  • An actuated signalized crossing interconnected with adjacent signalized intersections
  • Crosswalk pavement markings
  • Pedestrian/bicycle warning signs
  • Street lighting