West Street Annapolis Transit Plan

KAI led an effort to develop a transit vision for the West Street corridor in Annapolis. This was designed to be a guide for the future of growth and development on the City’s Main Street. The City of Annapolis requested the study in support of the transit goals for the street, and with the assistance of the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA), the study was guided by an Advisory Committee of city, county, and state agency staff.

The study will support the development of a high quality, distinctive transit route providing a more direct connection between major destinations and districts targeted for growth and reinvestment along the length of the corridor. Another significant contribution of the plan is to make transit service attractive to new riders by creating a logical route, built upon current travel patterns, that will be easier to operate and promote, helping to build overall transit ridership. In addition, this study promotes the development of comfortable, attractive stops with easy to navigate customer information. During the course of the study, KAI met with citizen representatives to gain insight on the perspectives of corridor residents and businesses, in addition to meeting with city, county, and agency staff for technical support and guidance. The analysis and recommendations of this effort are designed to initiate a public dialogue of the ideas, investigate major transit generators and future destinations, and understand and improve upon the conditions for transit users in the corridor.