Willoughby District Land Use Plan

The Willoughby District consists of about 25 acres of mixed-use properties, adjacent to the State Capitol in downtown Juneau. The City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska hired a multi-disciplinary consulting team to develop a land use master plan, guiding the development of the properties over the next 20-25 year period. The properties are envisioned for major redevelopment as a civic/cultural district, as well as the location for a new capitol complex. The site currently houses a number of cultural buildings (museums and a performing arts center) that also provide emergency evacuation and shelter uses.

KAI's role on the consultant team was to provide guidance on parking and multimodal transportation issues. KAI worked with the planning team to provide design guidelines for the basic complete street structure and features to accommodate vehicle, transit, pedestrian, and bicycle circulation throughout the area. KAI also identified a framework for the future transformation of a major highway into an urban, high density arterial adjacent to serve the district.