Strengthening Services to Meet Growing Demand for Innovative Design Solutions

It’s an exciting time in transportation engineering. Complex challenges require diverse expertise to analyze, plan and design innovative, cost-effective projects that best serve communities. Agencies and consultants are looking to collaboratively streamline processes and develop creative solutions. At Kittelson & Associates, Inc. (KAI), we’ve recently enhanced our transportation engineering capabilities in several areas, including:

  • Advising clients on the most cost-effective transportation solutions to their unique challenges.

  • Developing national research-based design guidelines.

    • Intersection designs (roundabouts, signals, interchanges, and alternative intersections/interchanges).
    • Safety improvements for all modes.
    • Active transportation and multimodal transportation solutions.
    • Complete streets serving all users.

  • Developing final plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E) covering traffic and civil engineering elements of the transportation network.

  • Producing effective transportation planning, traffic operations and preliminary design studies.

    • Evaluating alternatives with a thorough understanding of tradeoffs in operations, safety, design and costs.

  • Communicating three-dimensional (3D) concepts to the public.
    • Presenting designs in a way everyone can understand.

Our ability to take projects from inception through planning and design into construction not only delivers unparalleled service to agencies, teaming partners and the public, but it also creates an ideal environment for staff development. We excel at educating professionals on the “big picture,” and to apply basic engineering principles in challenging situations, which lays the foundation for exceptional projects. Tony Roos and Fred Wismer have recently joined our transportation engineering team to help us meet this objective and to better serve our clients.


KAI’s multidisciplinary team of skilled professionals and national experts offer decades of progressive research, technological innovation, and a diverse portfolio of industry-leading work. We recognize that healthy, sustainable societies depend on efficient, active and safe multimodal transportation that is cost-effective to manage, operate, enhance, and use over time.