Akhilesh Shastri

Transportation Analyst (He/Him)

Akhilesh works as an analyst in Kittelson’s Washington, DC, office. He holds a master’s degree in transportation engineering from the University of Florida. During his time at UF, he has worked on FDOT funded research projects, such as Developing Guidelines for Interchange Design to Accommodate Ramp Metering System and Development of Florida Traffic Characteristics for Service Volume Calculations Based on Latest HCM. While working on these projects, Akhilesh honed his microsimulation modeling and traffic operation analysis skills. He has also received an accolade from the Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development, and Education (STRIDE) Center for presenting his interchange ramp metering research. Akhilesh aims to integrate simulation and operations analysis with the other sub-disciplines of transportation to improve mobility and safety. When he is not glued to the computer screen, he enjoys cooking, listening to music and podcasts, thrift shopping, and watching cricket and movies.

Projects Akhilesh has worked on