Alain Izabayo

Transportation Analyst

Alain Izabayo graduated with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Penn State, Harrisburg. As an advocate for in-person interactions, Alain dedicates his analytical and computational capabilities to explore how transportation infrastructure systems can be made more affordable, safe, and sustainable to allow people to connect in-person. To that end, Alain is passionate to work on projects that involve traffic analysis and planning, active transportation, signal systems and ITS, transit, and emerging technologies. Apart from helping communities find immediate transportation solutions, Alain believes in research as a way towards innovation and originality. His passion for research started when he participated in several undergraduate summer research projects on topics such as recycling plastics in concrete, saltwater intrusion on tidal rivers, and flexibility of airport infrastructure systems. Beyond transportation engineering, planning and research, Alain loves literature, poetry, novels and books, and documentaries. He also appreciates the role of physical exercise to improve health, focus and concentration. He enjoys playing volleyball and soccer, jogging, biking, hiking, and volunteering for community events.