Alana Brasier

Senior Planner

Alana Braiser

Alana is a certified planner in Kittelson’s Tampa office who focuses on transportation planning and community development. She holds a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from the University of South Florida. Alana is passionate about fostering vibrant, livable, sustainable, and healthy places and has worked with communities across the country to develop implementable solutions to transportation and development challenges. She brings a multifaceted view to the transportation planning field by folding in the topics of land use, economic development, food systems, health, and equity. Her experience includes multimodal corridor and systems planning, transportation safety, scenario planning, long-term visioning, short-term strategic planning, grant writing, and community engagement. In her free time, Alana can be found biking or boating around Tampa with her husband, or relaxing with her dogs.

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