Alicia Hunter

Transportation Analyst


Alicia has a master’s degree in regional and community planning from the College of Architecture, Planning & Design at Kansas State University (KSU). For her master’s report, Alicia researched European autonomous shuttle pilot programs and identified essential elements and considerations that transit agencies would need to conduct their own pilot programs. During her time at KSU, Alicia focused on transportation planning and GIS, and worked as an intern for several public-sector agencies, including the Flint Hills MPO and the City and County of San Francisco. Through her internships, Alicia gained experience in community engagement, multimodal planning, and project management. Alicia also has an associate degree and work experience in interior design, which has proved helpful for the projects she tackles. Alicia is looking forward to growing professionally through the projects and people she encounters at Kittelson. She is interested in using her background in design, planning, and transportation planning to contribute to projects that integrate multimodal design and promote social equity and environmental justice. As a new resident of Portland, she is excited to discover what Oregon has to offer.