Brian Dunn

Associate Engineer

Brian Dunn

Brian manages the development services market area for Kittelson’s Portland office, providing services to private developers and organizations throughout the Pacific Northwest. With over 20 years of experience, Brian has an extensive history of preparing transportation engineering/planning studies to support the permitting, design, and construction of development projects involving all types of land uses. With equal exposure to private and public sector clients over his career, Brian has developed a reputation for working collaboratively, finding solutions to technically complex problems, and building consensus between involved agencies, clients, and stakeholders. With effective communication skills, he represents his clients’ interests in a variety of public forums, whether it be making presentations to a neighborhood group, or providing professional representation at public hearings. Brian’s credentials in this field of transportation are further supported by his past experiences in planning and design. His transportation planning experience covers the preparation of multimodal transportation plans for dozens of communities and highway corridors throughout Oregon. As a designer, he has prepared design plans, cost estimates, and technical specifications for the construction of traffic signals, roundabouts, roadway signing and striping, and street lighting systems. Brian has a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Santa Clara University, and is a registered Professional Engineer in Washington and Oregon. He is a regular contributor to the Oregon ICSC Alliance Program, and is a member of the Westside Economic Alliance, Clackamas County Business Alliance, and the Portland Business Alliance. Brian is also a very passionate electric vehicle advocate.

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