Caitlin Tobin

Senior Engineer

Caitlin Doolin

Caitlin offers over six years of experience in active transportation engineering and planning. For several years, she served as bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for the Baltimore City Department of Transportation, where she led the design and construction of the first 3.5 miles of parking protected bike lanes, launched the largest pedal electric assist bike share system in North America, led the development of Baltimore’s Separated Bike Network Plan, and managed over $9 million in active transportation planning, design and construction projects for the City of Baltimore. She also brings four years of experience as a consultant, working on corridor studies, traffic operations analysis and master planning efforts across seven states and over 50 jurisdictions, including the Mount Vernon Square Transportation Study (Washington, DC), and the Chillum Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvement Study and Central Avenue Mobility Study (Baltimore, MD).

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