Gibran Hadj-Chikh

Senior Principal Planner (He/Him)

Gibran Hadj-Chikh brings a national reputation in transportation technology and more than 22 years of experience in the planning, design, and delivery of transit systems. He is passionate about transportation planning, seeing it as a way to advance civilization and find ways for communities to connect and thrive. Gibran is experienced in working with agencies and community stakeholders to develop solutions that maximize funding opportunities from federal, state, and private sources. Recently, his focus has been on supporting public sector clients to understand how disruptive technologies and services (including automated vehicles, Smart City infrastructure, and Mobility as a Service [MaaS] strategies) may affect operations and capital programs. Gibran has served as project manager for multimodal regional transit plans, technology assessments, and corridor studies, and has developed methodologies that allow agencies to understand the full lifecycle costs of their transportation programs. He is an avid photographer, and is currently helping his seven-year-old work toward a career as a drawing, building, chess-playing astronaut.

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