Jessica Keller

Principal Planner

Jessica Keller has over two decades of experience in public and private sector policy, engineering & planning, administration, and operations. She is a transportation and sustainability professional with extensive experience interacting with non-profits, community organizations, private industry executives, state legislators, state and federal agencies, municipal governments, and industry associations. During her time as the City of Coral Gables’ Assistant Director, with the Sustainable Public Infrastructure Division, Public Works Department she directed the City’s transportation planning & engineering, sustainability, and facilities sections responsible for the development and implementation of the strategic and comprehensive, long- term multi-modal transportation plan and sustainability plans. As Director of Community Services Department, she managed 230 employees and a $27 million department budget to improve parking, local trolley, public landscaping, waste collection and disposal, parks, and recreation. Jessica’s core competencies include operations management, government relations, budget controls, strategic planning, active transportation, citizen engagement, and executive leadership.

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